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# Synopsis
This script is intended to perform connectivity tests between the host its
running at and a remote host.
# Prerequisites
Sometimes it's needed to test connectivity between two hosts, but in some cases
`ping`, `mtr` and other similar tools' functional is not enough. If connectivity
failures are being observed too rarely, one might need to run something that
will monitor connectivity for hours and days and save complete diagnostic data
when the problem occurs.
# Usage
The usage is simple.
To run the script with `mtr` as the backend, one needs to run the following
``` -m mtr -h <REMOTE_HOST>
Sometimes it's impossible to use `mtr`, so the script can do without that. When
`mtr` is unavailable, the script runs `traceroute` to collect the list of the
intermediate nodes and run multiple `ping` instances simultaneously to test
connectivity with each of these nodes. To use `traceroute` and `ping` as the
backend, one needs to run the following command:
``` -m traceroute -h <REMOTE_HOST>
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